Master Splinter: Leo wants to instruct, spar, and you may find out about ninjutsu

The Turtles: Leo is the commander out of their brothers. And then he loves to end up being the one for the people just who is not scared of anything. That is why Raph describes him while the “fearless frontrunner” both. Leo is extremely defensive from his more youthful siblings, and doesn’t want anything to eventually them. Just like the revealed in the last bout of 12 months that, Leonardo even would risk his existence to save their brothers.

As they usually do not usually let you know they, they will constantly like each other no matter what happens their means

The guy likes to instruct together with his sensei, and dad; Master Splinter. Splinter taught your what you he knows about ninjutsu, and Leo areas him very much. Of all the turtles, Leo provides the nearest experience of their father, that often planning to your for advice. Including their brothers, Leo is really protective regarding their dad also. Leo are the initial turtle to call Splinter dad in the an effective very long time.

Michelangelo: Leo and Mikey don’t keep in touch with each other very often, however they have a cool experience of each other

Raphael: Leo and you may Raph become brothers and you will rivals- it is a steady battle among them. It constantly perspiration facing eachother in the video games and you may push eachother to your max while in the studies. Raphael is certainly caused by the person who initiate the group, jeering at Leo and getting in touch with your “Lame-O-Nardo” in the 1st seasons.

Just like the observed in The newest Girl In town, Raph believes which he should be the frontrunner, because he or she is the best out from the five turtles. However, although not, Leo thinks if not. Their quarrel contributed to Leo leaving the group getting Raph in order to function as chief. Raph instantly requires so it back when he unsuccessful on best brand new cluster to help you beat Snakeweed. The guy embraces Leo back after understanding the true ruckus a chief has to read in order to chance his class.

Besides the dispute, both immensely maintain one another. Regarding finale away from Season One, Showdown, Leo risked his lifestyle by the holding Kraang Perfect back on the rest of the team to leave the new bursting Technodrome thru an excellent pod. Raph was panicked and you will attempted to rescue Leo, but Mikey and you can Donnie closed the fresh new pod signed. “Leo”, he had murmured, sticking his hands on the latest cup window and observing their aunt. The latest pod began to slow shift away.

The brand new pod and you can plenty more exposed on their own while they managed to get into the ocean’s skin. Individuals out-of New york was in fact honoring because they caused it to be out real time, but Raph is distressed. The guy accepted which he is too severe toward Leo of course discover one minute chance he would become kinder. Their state of mind instantly altered when Leo shown themselves real time.

Donatello: Leo and you may Donnie dont really endeavor will, in fact, they go along pretty much. But they’d a quarrel regarding the Attack, Leo ideal which they should get from the urban area just before this new Kraang Attack got tough. But, Donnie thought that they could do the turtle mech one to Donnie was actually concentrating on and you may beat brand new Kraang and also the Attack is more than. It battled for the disease on occurrence up until Splinter prevented him or her. However, on top of that, they don’t have battles will.

Like Raph and you will Donnie, Leo may angry that have Mikey in certain cases. Regarding occurrence Mazes Mutants, Leo and you will Mikey worked together with her to bring about the online game, L.Good.Roentgen.P. Plus the original episode of season three, when Leo ultimately woke upwards, Mikey provided your a hug and you may mobile tears from contentment came from their eyes. Throughout the Pig amino püf noktaları and the Rhino Mikey begs Leo to visit into Comet Roller Coaster to find Karai. Leo features his request and you will decides he really wants to go with him. The pair of them interact to keep the brothers and you will peoples family from Bebop and Rocksteady. Inside Attack of one’s Mega Shredder Leo went back Mikey when you look at the a make an effort to slashed it unlock however, goes wrong and you can nearly got ingested themselves, he examined Mikey’s Grappling Hook up and you can gave an unfortunate search believing he was deceased.

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